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From Trieste to Paris: Italo Svevo forms an alliance with the French company Riveneuve

04.11.2021 – 11.00 – The world of small publishers, if it can demonstrate a “strong” historical heritage and high-quality production, can easily surpass the mass production of multinational paper corporations, in the name of that attention to the book as an artisanal product that has been a European characteristic for centuries. This is the case with the recently forged alliance between two small publishers: Alberto Gaffi of the Trieste publishing house Italo Svevo and Gilles Kraemer of the Paris publishing house Riveneuve. The collaboration allows the two small publishers, both with illustrious histories, to work together to produce books that stand out for their quality.
“This is a small workshop where the essence of the continent’s different identities can be extracted in a way that is both synthesis and respect. A workshop ready to receive, but above all to commission, texts and images.

Indeed, like the prototype, each book will focus on a deliberately broad theme that artists will be free to interpret with their aesthetic and narrative sensibilities.”
“To respond to the accelerated pace of today’s world,” explains Trieste-based publisher of Italo Svevo, Alberto Gaffi, “we propose a slow reading, where the pleasure of reading itself stimulates reflection.”
The Italian publisher Alberto Gaffi (Italo Svevo – Trieste) and the French publisher Gilles Kraemer (Riveneuve – Paris) will solemnly inaugurate the act on Sunday the 5th of December at 12.30 pm at the Nuovola Business Centre in Rome.
The two publishers hope that this first step will be followed by others, with other small publishers willing to work together for a “European” publishing movement: Of course, the German and Slovenian worlds will also be considered, in line with the role of Trieste.

The prototype of this series is called “Il riccio e altre bestiarietà” (The hedgehog and other bestiaries) and has animals as its main subject, both real and imaginary. The authors chosen to interpret it together are the Italian Carlo Alberto Parmeggiani and the French Roland Cailleux. The work is complemented by drawings by the Frenchman Pascal Colrat and graphics by the Italian Maurizio Ceccato. It should be noted that all the books, both Italian and French, are printed in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.
“Il riccio e altre bestiarietà” will be published in both editions at the same time in January in all French and Italian bookshops, at the same price and with the same graphic design.

[Zeno Saracino]



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