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Reopening bars and restaurants, FIPE: “Enough is enough. Risk of Italian restaurant bankruptcy”

27.04.2020 – 12.05 – After the announcement of the (potential) reopening of bars and restaurants starting from June 1st by Premier Giuseppe Conte, and therefore a further extension of the lockdown for this type of businesses by more than a month, the Italian Federation of Public Exercises raises the alarm and declares through a note that “enough is enough”.
The risk, in fact, as the FIPE still highlights, is that of a death sentence for the “catering and entertainment sector” estimating the loss of 350,000 jobs. “More than 50,000 companies will die” reads the note, “Bars, restaurants, pizzerias, catering, entertainment, for which there is not even a hypothetical date, bathing establishments, are exhausted and will not be able not to work for more than a month”.

An extension of the lockdown that goes to further aggravate an already very critical situation for those who work in the sector, “our employees are still waiting for the redundancy fund, the liquidity decree is struggling to take off”; with damages estimated going up to 9 billion euros “which will increase the estimated losses to 34 billion in total since the beginning of the crisis.
“We need resources and we need them immediately, without further delay or hesitation” concludes FIPE “we only know how long we will have to stay closed; nothing is known about the implementation of the support measures.
All this in spite of both common sense and the risk classification just carried out by the Inail (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work) which indicates Public Exercises as low risk activities. This is despite the fact that the category has developed specific protocols to reopen safely.

Michael Guggenbichler translation


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