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Porto Vecchio, how will recovery proceed? The three acts of the Programme Agreement

05.03.2021 – 13.25 – A new step forward for Porto Vecchio: the signing of the Programme Agreement between Mayor Roberto Dipiazza, the President of the FVG Region Massimiliano Fedriga and the President of the Port Authority, Zeno D’Agostino, marks a fundamental turning point for the redevelopment of the huge former port area.
The mayor later clarified the concrete details of the three acts of the Programme Agreement: “The statute of the Ursus Consortium will deal with the promotion and alienation of the assets of the Porto Vecchio, formed by the Municipality, the Region and ADSPMAO, the definition of the properties that remain propriety of Municipality and the Urban Planning Variant”.
“As regards – continues Dipiazza – the Urban Planning Alteration, the projects already carried out in the last few years in Porto Vecchio should be underlined, from the Congress Centre to the sub-services, museum areas, bovedo park, a lot of viability and pedestrian and cycle paths.

In addition to the projects which are in progress: the second batch of infrastructures and sub-services, the Sea Museum, and the completion of urbanisation (26 million). And with the other planning instruments already adopted and in the process of being approved, the Sustainable Mobility Plan and the Detailed Plan for the Historic Centre, we have almost 70 million at our disposal”.

The Mixed System, which includes all the historic department stores, is the heart of the variant. Numerous purposes are allowed: Directional; tourist-receptive; residential (max 70%); Hi-tech industry; commercial; services. Shopping centres and polluting industries are excluded.
The pier system includes state-owned areas and the future development of the Adria Terminal, also in terms of cruises.
The museum-scientific-congressional system includes the congress centre, the Lloyd’s museum, the Immaginario Scientifico, the nascent museum of the sea and the nearby buildings linked to scientific development. This is the area where the Municipality has already intervened in the last three years, completing projects such as the Congress Centre, the sub-services, the road network, pedestrian and bicycle paths.
The Recreational Sports System includes green areas, promenades and sports facilities. In this area there is also the embankment, whose environmental problems are being solved with the contribution of all the responsible authorities.

The variant also envisagesThe Linear Park, a long park that from the city centre leads to Barcola, through a green and ecological path that combines green and industrial archaeology. The monumental avenue, a long avenue with ample pedestrian space running between the first and second rows of warehouses and overlooking the Faro della Vittoria on one side and San Giusto Castle on the other. Sustainable renovation of buildings, the variant pays particular attention to cultural and environmental heritage, green roofs, energy efficiency and internal spaces for waste collection.



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