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Trieste, the LETISmart system for the blind and visually impaired goes into operation

24.02.2021 – 11.00 – The presentation of the “LETISmart” project was held this morning at 10 a.m. at the pedestrian crossing in Piazza della Borsa, Trieste. After buses, traffic lights will now also be able to communicate with blind and visually impaired people, giving them greater autonomy when moving through the city. The Municipality of Trieste, the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, SCEN S.r.l, La Semaforica and Hera Luce collaborated in the realisation of the project.
The event was attended by the Mayor of Trieste Roberto Dipiazza, Marino Attini, National Director of the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Diego Bertocchi, President of SCEN, Andrea Greggio, owner of La Semaforica, Federico Trevisan and Diego Radin representing AcegasApsAmga and Hera Luce and Silvia Fonzari, from the Mobility Office of the Municipality of Trieste.

Installation of “tags” on Trieste’s traffic lights completed:

In the last few days, the installation of 110 electronic “tags” has been completed on the city’s traffic lights; devices that will allow blind or visually impaired people to receive information about the location, places of interest in the vicinity, and to book a pedestrian crossing simply by using a special handle (“LETISmart Voce”, ed.) applicable to the traditional white stick.

Italian pioneer Trieste:

Trieste is the first city in Italy to adopt this system, a cutting-edge technological device that promotes the personal autonomy of visually impaired citizens in everyday life. Today, the LETISmart system provides important urban orientation information in the city, improving the use of public transport (buses or taxis, ed.) or pedestrian crossings, and aims to make the city increasingly smart. In the next few years, in fact, these measures may also affect commercial activities, pharmacies, museums and public administration offices.

How did the project come about?

The LETISmart devices are the brainchild of Marino Attini from Trieste and SCEN S.r.l., a leading European microelectronics company from Muggia, which embraced the project because of its ethical goals.
Following the completion of the installation by SCEN, the LETISmart system will now be able to communicate with the traffic lights located in the heart of Trieste thanks to the collaboration with the Padua-based company “La Semaforica S.r.l” and HERA Luce. Acegas Aps Amga’s public lighting company, as the maintainer of the traffic light systems, supervised the correct installation of the “LETISmart Tag” beacons on behalf of the Municipality of Trieste, as well as carrying out checks on their proper functioning.



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