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“D’Agostino case”, an amendment to save the President…

27.06.2020 – 17.00 – On June 11th, 2020, Deborah Serracchiani, deputy of the Partito Democratico (Democratic Party) and Stefano Patuanelli, the Minister of Economic Development, proposed an amendment to the law the National Anti-Corruption Authority referred to when it dismissed Zeno D’Agostino from its position as president of the Port Authority (because of an incompatibility with his other position as president of the Trieste Marine Terminal), which, if approved, would allow D’Agostino to chair both organizations.
In fact, the text will establish that the incompatibility does not exist if one of the two positions is neither remunerated nor operational.

The modification, having retroactive effect, will make it possible to “save” D’Agostino. An amendment studied ad hoc, therefore, to once again allow Zeno D’Agostino to take over the chairmanship of the Port of Trieste.
The majority of the Government (Italia Viva, Pd, Movimento 5 Stelle) in the Budget Committee, has signed the above-mentioned amendment calling it ”Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea”; a denomination that clearly recalls the ”D’Agostino Case”.

The amendment, bearing the signature of the parliamentarians Fabio Melilli (Partito Democratico), Carmelo Misiti (Movimento 5 Stelle) and Luigi Marattin (Italia Viva) is interpretative with respect to the decree of April 8, 2013, dedicated to th incompatibility of appointments: the same on which the National Anti-Corruption Authority has relied to remove Zeno d’Agostino from his office.

The comment by Zeno D’Agostino: “All the better if we now have an interpretation that probably would not even have been necessary, because the law is actually drawn up well – told the Veronese manager the TG Regione FVG -. It will also help in future cases, but a good precedent would be the ruling of the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio”. 

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