New decree: everything closed, except cruise ships

06.11.2020 – 17.30 – Between February and March 2020, in a globalised world that has now disappeared, cruise ships were seen as a vector of contagion, becoming petri dishes, according to virologists, because of the number of infections on board.
As a result of the damage to their image, the cruise companies had re-organised their services, equipping their ships with the newest technology in the field of prevention and ventilation of enclosed spaces.
Today, it can be said that the anti-Covid-19 protocols on board appear much stronger than in any other sector.
Cruises were therefore spread – with their consequences of tourist and economic repercussions – between August and September.

Following the last Presidential Decree, published on the 3
rd November, cruise ships will continue to operate, albeit with all the (strict) precautions introduced by the Prime Ministerial Decree of 24 October 2020: 1. Cruise services by Italian-flagged passenger ships may be carried out only in compliance with the specific guidelines set out in Annex 17 of this Decree, validated by the Technical and Scientific Committee referred to in Article 2 of Ordinance no. 630 of 3 February 2020 of the Head of the Department of Civil Protection, as from 15 August 2020.
Considering how the entire tourism sector has been annihilated since March, it is a surprising decision. And in fact, looking at the draft, it turns out that a blockade was also planned for cruises in Italy for a month, from 5 November to 3 December. It is likely that interest groups – ShipMag writes about a”lobby” – mobilized to ensure that white ships would continue to circulate.