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Tourism in times of Covid-19, MSC Cruises stops until May 29th

31.03.2020 – 08.55 – Hard times for white ships.
Cruise tourism traditionally pays a lot of attention on the image that others perceive of it, and there is no worse advertisement in that sense than the Coronavirus pandemic.
From tourists trapped on various cruise ships around the globe, to the unanimous blockade of world tourism, to the (unintentional) role of ships as a carrier of contagion, the cruise industry is forced to stop.
MSC Cruises, after announcing the temporary interruption of all its cruises until April 30th, announced another blockade.
In view of the raging pandemic in Europe and the United States, MSC Cruises is in fact stopping all its activities until May 29th.
In addition to extending the scheduled cruises, the company remains available to transfer the cancelled holidays to another scheduled cruise by 2021, with an additional bonus for the inconvenience.
A possible economic damage for Trieste, which had hoped to revive the city’s tourism from these cruises; on the other hand, the model of mass tourism linked to white ships, as well as the environmental damage they entailed, had already aroused strong criticism even before the current crisis stopped them.

Michael Guggenbichler translation


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