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Furio Honsell (Open FVG), “The additional Fedriga restrictions on Covid-19 are wrong”

20.03.2020 – 14.33 – “As a country system we have managed to face the Years of Lead without excessive limitations to constitutional freedoms and, as a region system, we have faced and won the challenge of postearthquake reconstruction by focusing on collaboration and community spirit of administrators and citizens.
The challenge we are facing now with Coronavirus is very different and more insidious, but it must be faced with the weapons of reason and not with those of propaganda”. This is highlighted in a note by Furio Honsell, Regional Councillor of Open Sinistra FVG, regarding the latest restrictive measures taken by Governor Massimiliano Fedriga for Friuli Venezia Giulia in order to counter the Covid-19 emergency.
“The dutiful sense of cooperation and willingness to engage in dialogue with the Regional Council”, Honsell writes again in his press release, “can in no way turn into an uncritical acceptance of any decision taken.

We live in times of emergency.
We are all concerned for the most fragile people, for our loved ones, and for ourselves, for the fate of our work and our territory but, above all, in times of crisis, we cannot lose sight of the bigger picture.
The Fedriga Ordinance, which further restricts the freedom of movement of residents in
the region, is wrong for several reasons.
First of all, I do not think it is appropriate for the Presidents of the Region to continue moving independently of the Government“, explains the center-left representative.
“Moreover, further restricting the freedom of citizens by eliminating even the simple possibility of walking in the open air along the empty streets of our cities, is a choice of dubious democratic legitimacy and, probably, negative from the point of view of health”.

“Isolation is necessary for health, but so is daily movement, especially for the elderly or physically weak people.
The elderly,” says Honsell, “need movement, not least so as not to compromise residual autonomy; overweight or heart patients need daily, constant movement; children need movement.
These are all real needs, which do not necessarily involve the creation of groupings and which should not be addressed by violent ordinances.
This crisis should require everyone, particularly those with governmental responsibilities,
to face reality and realize the damage done by 30 years of neoliberal policies that have always addressed the issue of citizens’ health only on the basis of the accounting dimension, leaving in the background the necessary reflections on the changing needs of an increasingly elderly and fragmented society.

This reflection should be made in particular by the Center-Right parties and especially the Lega: how many times in these years have they incited citizens and local administrators not to respect the rules decided by governments that they did not like, how many times have they called for the violation of European rules, for a tax strike and to disregard this or that reform?
If today many citizens are not very careful in respecting the decisions taken at different levels”, is the conclusion of the adviser of Open Sinistra FVG, “it is also due to too many years of systematic breaking down the spirit of republican solidarity, which must go beyond the divisions of the moment”.


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