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sabato, 28 Maggio 2022

Free port of Trieste, the government makes another attempt. The agenda is adopted

03.01.2022 – 12.15 – The issue of the free port of Trieste has resurfaced during parliamentary deliberations in Rome as part of the procedures for the adoption of the Stability Law, which concluded on 29 December. Indeed, the Draghi government has accepted a request to “enter into discussions with the European institutions in order to clarify the full application of the special status of the international free port of Trieste, in the light of the international commitments entered into and still in force by the Italian Republic, including, if necessary, the exclusion of the free trade posts of the port of Trieste from the customs territory of the European Union”.
There had already been an attempt along these lines which, after several years of work behind the scenes, culminated in a resolution of the Senate which was submitted to the European Commission which, for its part, had rejected it on the grounds that the request should come from the government and not from individual legislative bodies such as the Senate. So it was not the content that was questioned, but the way it was forwarded, which caused great perplexity in the Brussels bureaucracy.
The new agenda was presented in Rome by senators Tatjana Rojc and Tommaso Nannicini ( PD ); however, in the case of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the motion was unanimously accepted by the local political world.

[Zeno Saracino]



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