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Covid, 15 Italian military doctors will help Slovenian colleagues fight pandemic

06.12.2021 – 14.50 – Fifteen Italian military doctors will arrive in the neighbouring republic of Slovenia in the next few days to support their colleagues across the border in the fight against the coronavirus. Although the number of positive swabs has decreased recently, it still easily exceeds 30% of the daily total.
The Slovenian press agency STA announced in recent days that a group of Italian doctors would soon arrive in Kranj and be welcomed by Slovenian Defence Minister Matej Tonin and Health Minister Janez Polkukar.
Six doctors already arrived in Slovenia yesterday, while the other nine will arrive in the next few hours as some flights have been cancelled.
Pierpaolo Roberti, regional councillor for security of Friuli Venezia Giulia, welcomed the collaboration between the two neighbouring republics in the fight against the pandemic, but said that “in addition to solidarity, protection at the border must be strengthened to contain the spread of the pandemic”.

“It is urgent to strengthen controls on the green passes of border crossers,” Roberti continued, “while at the same time it is to be hoped that the number of people vaccinated in Slovenia, the only real barrier against the virus, will increase. The interconnectedness of our territories is a source of permeability for contagion, and Covid certainly does not look at flags.
As the Council member went on to say, “the problem already affects, and will affect even more in the coming months, the flow of irregular immigrants coming from countries where vaccination coverage is low and where the virus is less controllable. At this point, we return to the call for the reintroduction of refoulement in order to protect our population from the point of view of legality and health and to create a deterrent to human trafficking.



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