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Trieste’s port in the spotlight, protest continues

15.10.2021 – 20.00 – The dockers of Trieste remain united. The front of the Clpt and the no-green-pass supporters have gathered punctually at dawn in molo VII. Choirs, smoke bombs and over seven thousand people take part in the protest.
In the last few hours, the president of the port authority, Zeno D’Agostino, had spoken out against the blockade of the port, threatening to resign and naming the workers of the Coordinamento and its spokesman, Stefano Puzzer, as responsible for the decision.
Trieste is in the spotlight: the Julian port is one of the most important in Italy, moving 2000 containers, almost a thousand trucks and about thirty trains. Yesterday, Confetra, the general Italian association for transport and logistics, and the Samer terminal operators had already noted the diversion of RoRo traffic from Turkey.

About to leave the port of Trieste is also the Formula 1 circus, which has always used the port for logistics, given Turkey’s GP. It is now considering going to Istanbul via the French port of Sète in Occitania, the second most important transalpine port after Marseille.
Today’s blockade was supposed to be total, but last night the coordination issued a notice guaranteeing colleagues access to their workplaces. ‘If someone wants to go to work, let them go,’ Puzzer explained, ‘I am not blocking anyone.’ It’s about “preserving people’s freedom of choice to go to work today, tomorrow, the day after, every day,” he added. Port workers are demanding clear answers from the government, which has already made it clear that it will not give an inch on green certification. The words of the president of the Authority were interpreted by the dockers as an “attack”, not only on the coordination, but also “on me personally – Puzzer clarifies – we are not against our president, as we have already said. We defended him when it was time to defend him, but he still made this decision. The green pass was decided by the government, not by him, but we have nothing more to say to him,” he concluded.

Support for the workers of the Port of Trieste has also come from outside the region, including from the now well-known 3V movement. Ugo Rossi, who won a seat on the Palazzo Cheba city council in the last elections, spoke of a “result that is a direct consequence of the work we have done in the streets – he commented – a relationship of collaboration has been established between Clpt and the Coordination.” Rossi himself denied the possibility of turning the garrison into a procession, which was feared in the morning. “There was no mention of a procession at the last meeting of the No Green Pass Coordination,” he explained.
There was no shortage of unrest, with an ambulance arriving at the pier VII gate at around noon after one person fell ill, but it was the organisers’ rallies that heated up the atmosphere. Tensions between dockworkers and opponents who tried to seize the microphone. Fabio Tuiach, a former council member of the outgoing administration, slammed one of the No Green Pass Coordination speakers.

The protest was also supported by Senator Mattia Crucioli, who joined the new group “L’Alternativa c’è” after the expulsion of M5S MPs who did not vote for the Draghi government on the Rousseau platform. “This goes beyond local interests,” he explains, “the dockers of Trieste are fighting for the freedom of all Italian workers. Crucioli comments on the government’s position, which seems to be intransigent: “Draghi is not a person who is impressed by a strike, he shows his impassive face, he shows a cold violence”. “I am not surprised that the Guarantee Commission has declared the strike illegitimate,” he adds, “You go to the square? Then the government declares the square illegitimate.”

[Beatrice Rizzo]



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