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Internationalization: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and the Autonomous Province of Trento together for a “North East System”

22.07.2021 – 10.23 – Focus on foreign markets of proximity, with a special focus on the Balkans, and implement joint actions in favor of the internationalization of companies and the development of international markets after the turn; the identification of investment opportunities for SMEs; the implementation of joint projects for sustainable development, through the improvement of corporate culture and the quality of the production structure; the upgrading of priority production sectors and the digitalization of companies.
This, in short, is the mission of Sistema Nord Est for internationalization, the project born in synergy and through the will of the regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto – and which will extend to the Autonomous Province of Trento – and presented in the Digital Room of Padua Fair.

The definition, or rather the consolidation, of a macro area, the North East, which, through the collaboration between institutions, representatives of the category and companies, favors the development in terms of internationalization of the companies of the regions involved, giving them concrete support to approach foreign markets, with particular focus on the Balkans. A unique project in its kind, as it is always stressed, for which the foundation stone was laid two years ago, in 2019, with the agreement signed at that time between the two regions. Today, the project can count on the synergy of an intra-regional and international team for support, involving no less than nine subjects: Finest, implementing body of the operational activities (which also represents the Sportello Sprint FVG for internationalization); the newly created Venicepromex, as implementing body for the Veneto side; Unioncamere del Veneto, the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso and Belluno, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia in Italy and the Croatian Chamber of the Crafts of the Istrian Region.

A project defined as successful by the City Council for Productive Activities of Friuli Venezia Giulia Sergio Emidio Bini : “We have a great challenge, which is to help our companies to approach the international market with the necessary knowledge and the appropriate technical support. We have shown that cooperation is possible.
This”, the Councilor continued, “is a moment of great transformation that will pour considerable resources into our country’s coffers. Therefore, business associations, institutions and companies must create a circuit to face the big markets.”
“An alliance”, commented in turn the Councilor for Economic Development, Research and Labor of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Achille Spinelli, “that has as a common awareness to further strengthen the companies that want to enter international markets by using global value chains”. “An important new alliance to support the internationalization of companies in our regions. We as Trentino are happy to be part of it”.

“With this project we can talk about the North East” as a single system, said the Councilor for EU Funds, Tourism, Agriculture and Foreign Trade of Veneto, Federico Caner. An area that “for a long time was perceived as unique, also under the economic profile: but only since a few years ago the three areas have decided to follow a common development course where possible. At the same time, the councilor continued, “Serbia, Croatia and more generally the Balkan region represent that gateway to Eastern Europe which has always been important and strategic for our companies.
“Today, we can set in motion the relationships that will allow us to start all these good practices and ensure that businesses are connected: This means creating synergies that allow both territories to grow, because competition is now international,” he concluded.

Satisfaction for the initiative was also expressed by Mario Pozza, President of Unioncamere Veneto, Milan Vranic, Director in Italy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and Robert Momić, President of Croatian Chamber of the Crafts of Istrian Region, who spoke during the presentation.

The agreement was presented in detail by Alessandro Minon, President of Finest, who illustrated the projects scheduled for 2021, a year for which a total budget of 300,000 euros is foreseen, financed equally by the FVG and Veneto regions.
On the one hand, therefore, the knowledge of its own territory, through detailed analysis and statistics, investment flows and trajectories of internationalization, suitable for the definition of future economic policies; on the other hand, the knowledge of the territories of the Balkan area, essential for companies wishing to invest there, through initiatives of knowledge of foreign markets developed through the collaboration of the Serbian and Croatian Chambers of Commerce.

Moreover, in order to allow companies to enter and compete in international markets, in a world now increasingly digitized, ample space will be reserved for the development of digital skills by companies, through some dedicated professional training cycles. Alongside this, and still within the digital sphere, is the project “Virtual in presence”, thanks to the use of the Digital Room in Padua, for the realization of digital projects that allow companies to promote themselves in international markets. Finally, the agreement will establish a permanent Technical Secretary, with the involvement of all subjects: a structure that will also act as a link with the world of trade associations, clusters and industrial districts, technology parks and incubators.

In short, a wide-ranging common program of activities in support of the internationalization of enterprises which, as the name of the project suggests, is rooted in the concept of “system,” explains Finest’s Marketing Manager, Lara Di Vicenz. On the one hand, therefore, the ability of territories to be more recognizable on foreign markets and, consequently, to have greater opportunities in terms of internationalization; on the other, the creation of a real system that, starting from the concept of business culture, allows the development of a cultural infrastructure for internationalization activities, making both territories and companies understand the opportunities and advantages of “teamwork”.

[Nicole Petrucci]



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