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Porto Vecchio: Generali could be interested, but only under special conditions

26.02.2021 – 12.40 – One hundred and ninety years ago, with the title of “Imperial Regia Privilegiata Compagnia di Assicurazioni Generali Austro-Italiche” and the coat of arms of the Habsburg Eagle, Generali was officially “born” in Trieste.
It was the 26th December 1831.
The well-known insurance company, whose structure “drives” Trieste to some degree, is preparing to celebrate (almost) two centuries of business.
And on this occasion, as also reported by Il Piccolo, it has declared its intentions to invest in Porto Vecchio.
Specifically, according to Aldo Mazzocco, managing director and general manager of Generali Real Estate, according to whom Generali might find the gigantic port area interesting, but only if a serious business plan is proposed.

Specifically, according to Mazzocco, a business plan is needed that does not aim at architectural or entrepreneurial fantasies, but is equipped with a very strong financial structure, with administrators boasting long experience and high-profile investors.
Generali is interested in the area, but only if it has a convincing business plan.
A declaration of interest that is largely predictable as the (painful) redevelopment of Porto Vecchio proceeds; it is practically certain that other large companies and multinationals will declare themselves interested in the coming years, if not months.
The challenge, in that case, will be to avoid breaking up this new “waterfront”, this new port district into a babel of different investments and industries.

[Zeno Saracino]



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