Patuanelli, Trieste is the “Main port for the use of the Recovery Plan”

14.01.2021 – 10.00 – The ongoing discussions on the possible renegotiation of the funds allocated for the Recovery Plan had left the fate of the funds allocated to the Port of Trieste, among the largest in recent years, on hold.
The decision, for example, to place greater emphasis on agriculture and local public transport risked damaging the funds allocated to the modernisation of port facilities.

However, the resources, which amount to 388 million, now seem certain: “The Recovery Plan funds for Trieste will remain in the Plan without any doubt,” reassured the Minister for Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan foresees respectively 388 million for Trieste and 500 million for Genoa.
A confirmation all the more necessary after the transfer of 50.01% of the share of the new Logistic Platform Trieste to the Hamburg-based Hhla: “The central role of port development is on the agenda of the Council of Ministers […] The government’s planning sees Trieste and Genoa as the main ports for the use of the Recovery fund and this will not change”.

Patuanelli has subsequently reconfirmed the importance of the port also for the Government: “Trieste is central for national logistics. We owe it to its geographical location, to the work of the President of the Port Authority D’ Agostino and to the Minister De Micheli”.