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Trieste protests against closures

28.10.2020 – 09.20 – Today, in the late afternoon, many citizens took to the square in Trieste to protest peacefully against the measures introduced by the new Government’s decree which provides for the early closure of premises such as bars and restaurants, as well as the closure of activities such as gyms, swimming baths, theatres and cinemas.
Restaurateurs, bartenders, nightlife club managers but also personal trainers and gym owners met today in Piazza Unità and many citizens joined them in protest.
The Mayor of Trieste, Roberto Dipiazza, and the President of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga, addressed the citizens and showed their solidarity with the workers in the square:

“All Italian regions have expressed their opposition to the closure of restaurants at 6 pm and the closure of gyms and swimming baths. The regions’ opinion was absolutely not taken in consideration and at night, without telling us anything, the decree was signed”, said Fedriga.
“We are all for the protection of the citizens’ health, but my strong concern is that the sacrifice, or in too many cases the death of these activities will not help to safeguard it”. “We are concerned, yes, but politics must be able to have some balance and common sense at this time and must understand that we must protect health and work” he continued.

“When one says that gyms and swimming baths are superfluous activities, I would like to remind him that there are people who need to make a living from these activities, there is no superfluous work”.
“I would like to thank the government tomorrow if it solves this problem. My problem is not to go against the government, but to solve the problems of workers and companies that at the moment are not able to carry on, so what we will do in the coming days is to try to make a great alliance between regions to face this problem”.



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