Relaunch Decree: the Venice-Trieste high-speed railway defined as “strategic”

09.07.2020 – 15.10 – Yesterday, the Council of Ministers approved all 130 projects included in the socalled Simplifications Decree, which, as the name implies, drastically reduces the time for bureaucracy in the case of projects considered “strategic” for the country.
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has dedicated a large share of the investments for the railways – 113 out of 200 billion – with special attention to HighSpeed railways.
Friuli Venezia Giulia also appears in the list; with reference to infrastructural projects that have been under construction for some time or are almost concluded.

Specifically, the third lane of the A4 reappears; after its realization had
been promised in 2019 and in November last year President Castagna defined its completion as “an absolute priority”. This time a third lane is also planned between San Donà di Piave and Alvisopoli and between Gonars and Villesse. As far as the railways are concerned, the Venice-Trieste and Trieste-Divaccia lines will be upgraded; the Udine-Cervignano line will also be doubled.
The Decree also provides for interventions in the ports, aimed at digitizing bureaucracy and supporting intermodality and energy saving.

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