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Seaside reservations decreased by 80%: Federalberghi sounds the alarm

10.06.2020 – 12.50 – Three uninterrupted months of media hammering about the dangers of the Coronavirus; the eternal drama of the blocked borders; and finally, the (poor) availability of savings.
The effects of the lockdown have repercussions on the tourism sector in Friuli Venezia Giulia: in fact, bookings in the seaside towns are blocked at 20-30%; and for the mountains there is a lot of interest, but few reservations.
Cultural tourism in the city, between closed museums and the arrival of the summer heat, does not seem to exist: overnight stays are expected only from September. This is the situation described by Paola Schneider, the regional president of Federalberghi, who required more attention from the institutions than the current support measures, most of which have not yet been implemented.

The real risk is the loss of jobs, especially in the mountain areas: “What we need,” Schneider reiterates, “is the resumption of events, especially food and wine events, which are particularly appreciated by our guests.
In other words, we need precisely those “attractions” prohibited or hindered by anti-Covid-19 measures: town fairs, festivals and big outdoor events.

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