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Happy birthday, Corvallis. Trieste in digital growth

05.06.2020 – 10.00 – Have we ever wondered why digital transformation is an obligatory step for all companies in Friuli Venezia Giulia and throughout the country? Today we have an answer.
Because of the Coronavirus emergency, there has been an exponential increase in the use of digital tools, which has become a precious and irreplaceable element to shorten distances and speed up processes.
And it is precisely on this ground that the new “post-emergency” future will take root: “innovation” will be the watchword. In this context, among the major players that play a fundamental role in the digitization process during the emergency, there is Corvallis: an excellence among the range of Italian companies that has decided to face the technological challenge represented by emerging technologies, which today, we need more than ever.

An intense period of growth, that of Corvallis: digital growth, and growth in human capital, materialized in an extraordinary team that is now celebrating two years since the opening of its headquarters in Trieste, located in the ‘Area Science Park’ of Padriciano, a geographically strategic position.
The aim is to build, day after day, a high technological content pole dedicated to development and innovative procedures; the team is already working on the creation of unique, scalable and integrated web platforms dedicated to the purchase of Welfare products and services.

It is precisely on Trieste that Corvallis is focusing on its path of organic growth, promoting innovation and solutions for the territory; it does so, at the moment, by integrating the experience already gained on other projects and directing the set of protective preventive measures to be taken to better manage the health, safety and well-being of workers, to avoid or reduce as much as possible the exposure to work- related risks, reducing or eliminating accidents and occupational diseases.
Dario Sottana, director of the Digital Technology Hub (which, in addition to its headquarters in Trieste, is also active in Padua and Milan), describes this first period as follows: “The territory, and in particular the Area Science Park, has welcomed us in a surprisingly positive way.

We would also like to thank Gap Italia, with which we collaborated in the initial phase in mid-2018. We built a new team with people from the territory, in the logic of innovative enterprise – of start-ups, therefore – even though we came from a bigger group.
I already knew Trieste, I had a previous work experience here in the city, but to start again in this way was really inspiring: the air is cleaner, ideas emerge faster”.

What are the advantages for those who want to take part in the Digital Transformation?The direct return on revenue growth, the speed of the go-to-market strategies, improved customer relationships and increased internal operational efficiency. Companies that make investments in technologies and new digital-based methodological models to transform their business volume have in fact achieved an average growth in revenues from new business sources, an increase in customer satisfaction, an increase in the speed of go-to-market, and an improvement in customer experience.

These results are based on an index, the so-called ‘Business Impact Scorecard’, developed by Coleman Parkes: a scoreboard that assesses 14 indicators (KPIs) that measure the impact of Digital Transformation on business agility, turnover growth, customer focus and operational efficiency.
“We are developing solutions and expertise on many innovative topics. We have created some e-commerce systems both for large companies in the Welfare sector and for medium-large customers; these solutions are conceptually similar to well-known platforms such as Amazon, where very different products and services are marketed, but allow those who use them to have a single, simplified shopping experience.

We are also designing and realizing solutions in the field of the Internet of Things, the IoT, a technology that allows devices to communicate autonomously with each other, without our intervention, definitively putting the machines at the service of the human being as once only imaginable in science fiction movies. With these solutions, it is possible to connect sensors and devices geographically distributed, allowing customers to have certain and ‘immediate’ data, and to offer high added value services, saving enormously on maintenance costs”.

A concrete example? Our smartphone will communicate with our air conditioner autonomously, geolocating our location and calculating the outside temperature: once back home, we will find the ideal climate, without wasting energy. “The Internet of “things” opens up unprecedented application scenarios, and can be used for greater protection and safety for both companies and workers”.

And the technology of connected devices (IoT) will support and implement more effective improvement actions on particularly important issues, such as safety at work; and gradually, together with the Digital Technology Hub team, we will talk about this and many other innovations. Corvallis is constantly growing, and many open positions on their LinkedIn profile show how much the company is focusing on Trieste and its territory.

Happy birthday, Corvallis

Michael Guggenbichler translation

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