The split desk: in Gorizia the Mayors want to build the EU

27.05.2020 – 09.20 – A single desk, a symbol of union, which unfortunately is now separated by the closure of the borders: an expressive and symbolic image that the Mayor of Gorizia, Rodolfo Ziberna, and the Mayor of Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Klemen Miklavic, wanted to bring to the forefront to talk about Europe.
“While in Brussels, the leaders of the European countries fight about everything, borders are erected and, on the management of the virus, everyone goes his own way, the mayors of Gorizia and Nova Gorica – they say – continue to work together to build the real Europe, that of citizens and families“.

“Both myself and my colleague Miklavic – specifies Ziberna – have shared thoughts, information and actions, also trying to get governments to talk, to agree on the choices on the closure of the border.
Unfortunately, there is no listening but we are moving forward.

Michael Guggenbichler